There are a MILLION fashion and home decor sites, blogs, virtual closets, and social networks out there. Most of them assume you have an eye for style already and enjoy spending tons of time "sharing your looks with friends!" and "getting style points for creating looks!" (cute girlish giggle). But as a busy corporate & digital strategy professional, Michelle struggled to find time to browse fashion blogs for inspiration or traverse hundreds of sites to decorate her and her new husband's home with a cohesive style. She's also guilty of buying incredible pieces (floral embroidered leather pants?!?) that collect dust because she doesn't know how to wear them. Michelle was annoyed that the existing sites added MORE time to the online shopping experience, so she decided to create an easier way to shop and be stylish.

Costa is a computer science professional, and is Michelle's good friend. His interests include machine learning and solving complex data issues, which is super serendipitous because he's our CTO. Costa has worn nothing but a polo shirt and jeans for the past 10 years because he isn't sure how to branch out. Now, he can find anything he likes online, say, red motorcycle boots, and use FINDMINE to tell him exactly what else to buy to wear with them.

FINDMINE's mission is to make online shopping simpler for you: just browse the internet as you normally do. When you find something you like, click our button and we'll show you how to make it work. Leave the hard work to our machine learning experts, stylists, and decorators! We're revolutionizing the way the world shops online.